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Index: Touch Screen digital indoor totem

We live in the age of “self-service”, where the quality of a service is first measured by its speed and efficiency. Consumers are free to self-manage and lead their own shopping or consumption experience. Waiting times are always shorter and companies, in order to follow the trend and optimize the overall management of personnel, are increasingly forced to automate some services, such as reception.

Indoor multimedia totems are therefore increasingly popular. These are large screens equipped with PCs, generally touch screens, installed within commercial activities and which perform administrative and marketing functions and provide information. Freely accessible to the public, they are equipped with protection systems and programmed for a range of activities that differ from time to time.

The devices we use to collect the results of medical exams or to pay a health check up are digital indoor totems; the totems we use in libraries to take or return books. The ATMs themselves are interactive kiosks that perform the functions of a totem, such as automatic teller machines for making payments, usually located inside credit institutions. Some indoor touch screen totems are used in shops or points of sale to keep customers informed about current promotions and available products. Some roadside restaurants have installed interactive touch screen totems just outside the toilets, to collect user impressions and reviews. In times of pandemics, totems that have an informative or sanitizing function are increasingly widespread,

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Why choose a Touch Screen digital indoor totem: the advantages

  • To communicate multimedia information with extreme simplicity: indoor digital totems offer users beneficial information by fulfilling the function of a reception and info-point. They manage content in an engaging and modern way, materializing the corporate storytelling in an attractive and multimedia way.
  • An indoor digital totem is a highly brandable and customizable device: an indoor totem is refined and advanced. In terms of graphics and software, therefore, it allows the highest level of customization and branding.
  • Installing an interactive touch screen Totem allows you to build customer loyalty: the device improves the user experience, is also attractive from a playful point of view, and also allows a whole series of operations including data collection, registration of personalized preferences and so on.
  • It is a very versatile device: with a multimedia totem it is possible to convey information, but also to deepen topics, do document research, consult archives and maps, browse catalogs and provide services.

Areas of application of indoor Totems

Indoor totems are widely used in sectors that are also very different from each other, because they are very versatile. Within companies they are used to communicate reports, transmit company news, provide useful numbers and give information on staff on duty.

In the catering sector they are used to quickly indicate the menu of the day and the price, providing useful information on the composition and ingredients of the dishes. In advertising or tourist agencies, the indoor multimedia totems act as a real showcase where to collect and organize all useful information. The use of these devices is widespread in shops and supermarkets to present products on offer, discounts, promotions, initiatives, previews, etc.

Best Mono and Double-sided Indoor Totems: THK Digital Totem

It is a slim, light and powerful indoor totem that contains all the components necessary for a digital signage device in just 10 centimeters. Designed for applications in prestigious locations such as banks, companies, congress halls or museums, the Totems of the Thile line are extremely elegant and versatile.

The capacitive touch screen included in the range of available options makes it an effective wayfinding device for any location, a useful infopoint in museums, hospitals, showrooms and fairs, or a welcome system (Virtual Operator) for companies or hotels.

Interactive and payment kiosk: TKC Tactive

SelfKiosk Tactive TKC is a kiosk designed for interactive and payment applications in the public administration, healthcare, retail, hospitality, corporate and educational sectors. It has a highly reliable and robust electronic payment terminal and is complete with: industrial thermal printer for ticket dispensing, high-efficiency printer for the production of A4 paper documents, barcode reader and QRCODE for reading of health cards or cards for personal identification.

TSO Kiosk for ordering and self- ordering

TSO Tactive is a self-ordering kiosk perfect for restaurants, fast-food restaurants and bistros who want to speed up ordering and maximize sales. Fast food chains such as Mc Donald’s or Burger King have long adopted this solution for more efficient, faster and safer order management. But order totems are increasingly popular even in smaller restaurants, to improve customer experience and reduce waiting times.

Equipped with a 27 ″ vertical monitor, a latest generation 10t capacitive touch screen, a POS payment system and an 80mm thermal printer, the TSO is extremely versatile and resistant. The sophisticated design allows the integration of a wide range of options, while the aluminum structure is suitable for both wall mounting and free-standing mounting. The kiosk can be customized in all RAL colors and with stickers in line with the brand.

Multifunctional interactive kiosk:TKI Information kiosk

Tactive TKI indoor is a multifunctional interactive kiosk with 10-touch touch-screen, a perfect combination of technology, compactness and linearity. Particularly suitable for multimedia applications where it is necessary to give value to communication, be it commercial, informative or interactive.

It is particularly suitable for replacing traditional static lecterns and giving communication greater vitality and impulse, as it is capable of easily accessing the consultation of digital brochures, viewing video catalogs and interactive multimedia content.

Wayfinding Kiosk: Tactive TWI

Tactive TWI is a versatile kiosk designed for interactive applications such as wayfinding, 3D map viewing and video catalogs.

It is a special type of interactive kiosk designed to help users find their way around, understand where they are and provide specific information on the mapping of one or more rooms, 3d rendering, multimedia information materials. For this reason they are perfect for large shopping centers, museums, showrooms and fairs.

Why choose Fida Srl

For over 25 years we have been producing Indoor Totems with or without touch screen technology. Our strong point? Always be in tune with the customer’s needs. And we know how to do it because customizing solutions is in our DNA. If you need an indoor kiosk, contact us for a quote.

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