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Shop window monitors: why they are useful, how to choose them and price

Index: Shop window monitors: why they are useful, how to choose them and price

What is a shop window monitor? It is the screen that we often see installed in shop windows or commercial premises, especially if in the hands of large brands or franchised chains. These are highly technological devices, specially designed to work even in full direct sunlight and for many consecutive hours.

These high-performance displays are also beautiful to look at, but they have a very specific utility. In this article we will try to explain what they are for, how to choose them, what technical characteristics they must have and the price range in which they are placed.

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Window screens: why they are useful and what they are for

Window monitors are designed to convey high-quality, high-impact images to increase the curiosity of customers and passers-by, but also capture the attention to induce them to enter your store.

They are therefore the ideal solution to communicate offers, promotions and initiatives in a dynamic and effective way.

For large franchise chains, they are the best way to standardize the communication style of each store, in every country in the world, strengthening the visual identity of the brand.

The technical characteristics of a window display

As already mentioned in the introduction, the window monitors are devices specially created to be fully operational even in rather extreme light, climatic and environmental conditions.

A good shop window monitor, therefore, must first and foremost fall within these parameters: be as resistant as possible to vandalism, work for several consecutive hours without overheating, transmit images at the highest quality to attract the attention of passers-by.

Our VRZ double-sided monitors from the Varyo line, for example, are equipped with a brightness level of 2500 nits for the facade faces outwards and 700 nits for the inside: a highly performing visual quality both to increase the strength of in-store communication and to attract the attention of passers-by outside the venue.

Among the essential technical characteristics of a professional window monitor there is obviously that of transmitting the contents in a perfectly visible way even in direct sunlight, in shop windows constantly bathed by the sun.

Other technical features concern the structure and ease of installation; Our VRZ monitors, for example, are equipped with an aluminum structure and a flexible mounting system, which guarantees easy installation on any type of pre-existing architecture.

The maintenance conditions are equally important when it comes to technical characteristics. The strength of our showcase monitors lies precisely in the electronic compartment for the external player which allows for quick and easy maintenance.

How to choose a shop window monitor

To choose the most suitable window monitor for your store and franchise chain, you need to take into account a number of factors.

First of all, it is good to think about the sector you work in and the category of shops to which your place belongs. A more or less elegant and refined design of your screens can also significantly affect the appearance of your commercial space and furnishings; it is important to understand the effect you want to achieve and the type of image your shop windows must offer at a glance.

As we have already explained, the main function of a window monitor is to communicate your products and your brand to the public, so an analysis of your target is a good parameter to evaluate the type of monitor that is right for you. Who is your typical customer? What are your needs? And their habits? What is the most suitable communication to make them curious? What are the characteristics that the monitor in the window should have in order to get in touch with your potential customer more easily?

Then there are the more technical aspects to take into account: the width of your window, the resolution you need, the number of monitors to be installed, the brightness and contrast based on the position you have chosen for your monitor (if it is in the shade or bright sunlight), and the consecutive hours of operation you need.

Once you have established the technical parameters you need, you just have to carefully check the technical data sheets of the display monitors you intend to buy, to make sure that the models have all the features you need. To request the technical data sheet of our Digital Signage products, Click here.

How to use a shop window display

Who said that a shop window dispay should only be used to communicate with the outside world? Thanks to our Double-sided Monitors of the Varyo Line, you can transmit simultaneously inside and outside, to accompany your customers in all phases of purchase.

Why choose a shop window monitor instead of a TV

At this point the question arises: why not use a traditional TV? Basically they are the same thing, aren’t they? You will be amazed to know the answer: absolutely not.

An ordinary living room TV would not survive long in a shop window, as we have already amply demonstrated when talking about the technical characteristics.

The professional window monitors are made with premium materials that guarantee resistance, adequate cooling and high longevity, as well as the ability to reproduce multimedia content at the highest quality, clearly visible in any light condition – a quality that no normal TV can achieve or can even remotely aspire.

Not only that: shop window monitors are able to manage multiple multimedia formats, to guarantee the optimal transmission of all your contents.

In addition, the screens of a common TV, even of very high quality, are equipped with a very low brightness (about 200/300 cd / m2 at most) compared to window monitors which instead reach a brightness of 2500 cd / m2. An absolutely essential feature to ensure high performance inside and outside a store.

What to convey in a shop window screen

Not only images but also texts, animations and videos: a video monitor is a tool of great communication power and effectiveness, which you can use creatively to convey all your content to your customers.

You can provide valuable information and content, or highlight an attractive schedule of offers; depending on your industry you can promote your latest product line, provide entertainment messages or weather information, analytics and reporting. Everything that best suits your audience!

How much does a shop window monitor cost?

The installation price of one or more showcase monitors depends on a number of factors: the size and quantity of the screens, the technical characteristics, design and technology used, as well as the number of rooms in which the monitors are to be installed. .

Of course, the more franchise locations in which to install the screens, the more sustainable the costs will be: this is why our customers are almost always owners of chain stores with more than one point of sale.

Perché scegliere Fida Srl

We at Fida Srl have been working since 1995, combining the passion for innovation with the search for aesthetic harmony and production quality: all our products are a guarantee of efficiency, design and performance optimization.In particular, Varyo VRW single-sided window monitor And Varyo VRZ double-sided window monitor for indoor environments are perfect for decorating shop windows and points of sale, franchising chains and commercial premises. Thanks to Varyo’s unique design and high brightness LCD screen, these monitors are able to make your shop windows more attractive and communication more effective. Varyo is equipped with a pro-grade sun readable LCD monitor with very high image quality, while the aluminum structure and the flexible fixing system allow easy installation in any type of environment or pre-existing architecture. The electronic compartment for the external player allows for quick and easy maintenance. Both monitors, which can be installed both from the ceiling and from the floor, are also available with our own player with a simple and free content delivery software.

Contact us for a more accurate quote and for an evaluation of your windows.

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