bullet_point_yellow PRO-LIGHTING

A complete series of LED lighting systems, for interiors and exteriors, with a remote control system and customized support structures.
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bullet_point_yellow STRUCTURES AND CLADDINGS

From the design to the set up. Customized mechanical coating structures, plant ducting and furnishing of transport terminals.
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bullet_point_yellow DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE

Directional signage for railway stations and airports, for integrated wayfinding solutions, equipped with a remote control system.
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Scopri le nostre linee

  • Window Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MHW
  • FIDA Tactive TWI
    Wayfinding Kiosk Indoor - Tactive TWI
  • FIDA Lampada Wallfront
    Wallfront - LED Lamp
  • Trolley Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MGO
  • FIDA Lampada LED TLed Easy
    TLed Easy - LED Lamp
  • FIDA Lampada LED TLed
    TLed - LED Lamp
  • FIDA Lampada LED StreetLine
    StreetLine - LED Strip
  • FIDA Lamp Street LED
    Street-Led - LED Pole Lamps
  • FIDA Lampada Square
    Square Led - LED Lamp
  • FIDA Lampada Skylight2
    Skylight - LED Lamp
  • FIDA Tactive TSI
    SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TSI
  • FIDA Tactive TKP
    SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKP
  • FIDA Tactive TKC
    SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKC
  • FIDA Lampada led ribbon
    Ribbon - LED Strip
  • Monitor Semi Outdoor - Wave WMO
  • Monitor Semi Outdoor - Wave WKO
  • FIDA Signum SMO
    Monitor Semi Outdoor - Signum SMO
  • Monitor Indoor - Varyo VRZ
  • Monitor Indoor - Varyo VRW
  • Monitor Indoor - Varyo VRM
  • FIDA Thile THM
    Monitor Indoor - Thile THM
  • Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MHM
  • Monitor Full Outdoor - Wave WMS
  • FIDA Signum SMS
    Monitor Full Outdoor - Signum SMS
  • FIDA Flux FMS
    LED Monitor Full Outdoor - Flux FMS
  • Led Lighting System - Tled
  • LED Board Semi Outdoor - Kron KTI
  • LED Board Semi Outdoor - Kron KFI
  • LED Board Full Outdoor - Flux FCS
  • FIDA Flux FBS
    LED Board Full Outdoor - Flux FBS
  • FIDA Inside
    InSide - LED Profile
  • FIDA Lampada InLine
    Inline - LED Profile
  • FIDA Tactive TKI
    InfoKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKI
  • Digital Totem Semi Outdoor - Motus MKO
  • Digital Totem Full Outdoor - Exentia EKS
  • Digital Totem - Thile THK
  • FIDA Exentia EFS
    Digital Advertising Totem Full Outdoor - Exentia EFS
FIDA ADR cassonetti
Logo LitSign 01 01
LITSIGN          SSI

Smart Sign

Litsign is a bright sign made in 6060 alloy extruded aluminum,
and covered with a Thermal sublimation printed sheet.

Thanks to “mid power” Led technology, Litsign offers high
energy efficiency, reducing the costs of management and
increasing the life of the product. The frontal PVC sheet
facilitates the maintenance of the sign, simplifying the cleaning
and replacement of the graphics.