Passion for innovation, search for aesthetical harmony and
high quality production are the principles that inspire
each of our projects and products making them become
“Visual Emotions.”

bullet_point_blue Products

Multimedia monitors, Digital totems and interactive Kiosks for immersive outdoor and indoor Digital Signage applications.

bullet_point_blue Solutions

Integrated hardware and Software Solutions for single display installations or vertical Digital Signage applications.

bullet_point_blue Custom Projects

Custom hardware devices and integrated end-to-end solutions developed on project for cutting-edge Digital Signage systems.

bullet_point_green Products

LCD displays and variable message LED Panels using the latest technology for Public Information systems.

bullet_point_green Solutions

End-to-end solutions for Public information systems, with integration of management software and diagnostic tools.

bullet_point_green Custom Projects

LCD or LED devices or display for Public Information systems, designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

bullet_point_yellow Pro-Lighting

Professional LED lighting apparatus with a remote-control system and customized support structures for integrated solutions.

bullet_point_yellow Structures & Claddings

Customized mechanical coating structures, channeling systems and furnishing of transport terminals.

bullet_point_yellow Directional Signage

Standard and backlit signal systems for directional communication to passengers, and smart wayfinding solutions.

Who Choose Us


Our clients have chosen us because of our capability of
transforming an idea into a concrete reality, where technology,
functionality and design co-exist in a perfect equilibrium,
with a particular attention to Customer Satisfaction.

For All Needs




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