Line: Kron
Product: KFI
Product type: LED Message Panel
Environment: Outdoor

The arrivals / departures SMD LED strip is a semi-outdoor variable message panel especially used in subways and in the distribution routes for public transportation settings such as railways or airports. Thanks to the use of the latest components: the SMD LED that are characterized to assure reliability and durability, as well as reduce energy costs by 4 times compared with the other LED technologies work at operating temperatures ranging from -20 ° to + 40 °, and have an IP32 degree of protection. The sophisticated diagnostic system designed by FIDA, allows you to monitor the operating parameters, from temperature sensors, humidity, ventilation and external brightness, as well as facilitating the maintenance of the entire network of devices and helps extend its service life up to 4 times. We guarantee more than 100,000 hours of total usage with 24/7/365.

Technical Data

Display Size (inch): Refer to datasheet
Display Brightness: 900nit
Operating Temperature: -20° / +40° C
Environment rating: Outdoor IP32 (Nema 3R)


Suitable for subway

Low power consumption smd led

Modular system

Designed and made in Italy

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