Custom Indoor Totem for shopping centers: Fida in Place Vendome, Qatar

Index: Custom Indoor Totem for shopping centers: Fida in Place Vendome, Qatar

You have surely noticed: digital totems have long been a must for any type of shopping center, be it small or large. The reasons are different: an indoor totem is certainly an excellent ally from a commercial point of view, because it is the perfect support for hosting eye-catching and impactful advertisements, which are more likely to attract customers to the stores.

But not only. Let’s see together the reasons why an indoor Totem is particularly suitable in a shopping center.

Digital Signage for shopping centers: what are MUPI’s for

In addition to a distinctly marketing and visual storytelling function, MUPI’s perform a series of useful functions within shopping centers:

  • They help users to orient themselves, giving indications regarding the position of the different shops or parking lots (Totem Wayfinding)
  • They provide visitors with real-time information about discounts, offers and news inside the shopping center, increasing the visibility of individual brands and involving the user in a more direct way.
  • They collect feedback and impressions from visitors, collecting useful data on the management of bathrooms, underground parking, reservations in bars and restaurants (Self ordering kiosks)
  • They are able to provide assistance in several languages, throughout the shopping center. This improves the customer experience and makes the management of the whole center more fluid.
  • They offer a coordinated and branded image of the shopping center, increasing its credibility and attractiveness on the market.

For some time now, shopping centers have no longer simply been a sum of shops stacked on top of each other, but have fulfilled the function of a real brand. Even more than the stores contained inside, shopping centers love to build their own Brand Identity and sponsor a narrative that increases the hype of the entire shopping center as a whole. Those that for a long time were the “non-places” of the contemporary era, are increasingly becoming real places, with an identity, a brand, its own narrative and a corresponding appeal on the market.

For this reason, indoor displays play an absolutely essential role: they communicate visual unity, strengthen the brand, and what’s more, they are elegant and pleasant furniture to see.

Personalized Indoor Totem: the customization that makes your indoor totem unique

When it comes to supporting the identity of a brand, it is essential that the image is coordinated from all points of view. This is why we at Fida srl ​​have been working a lot on customizing our products for 25 years.

A totem made in Italy made by us, which is an Totem Outdoor or Totem Indoor, can respond to the standard models you find on our site, or be completely redesigned to perform the functions you need, both in terms of functionality, appearance and design.

Place Vendome, the case of Custom indoor Totem Trust in Qatar

One of our latest installations for Place Vendome, the highly anticipated shopping center recently inaugurated in Qatar, is heading in this direction. The center is huge, with over 1,150,000 square meters occupied and four floors. The design is inspired by classic French-style architecture. Inside, the premises are divided into several areas, including 5-star hotel and luxury apartments, as well as a mix of 580 high-end and mid-range shops. Plus, there are plenty of dining options including starred cafes and restaurants, as well as entertainment and media facilities.

To further enhance this ambitious project, we have created an ad hoc park of Custom Totems, built on the basis of the indications provided by the customer plus some decorative elements at our suggestion. In the gallery you can see the result: we opted for an “Arabian style” look, with the classic colors black and gold.

Not only that, we have embellished the product by inserting two side bands in RGB type LED strips, able to change color according to the dominance of shades present in the advertising content. Basically, if the content transmitted on the screen has a predominance of blue, the side bands light up in blue for the duration of the commercial. The totem integrates a 75 ”LCD screen, is double-sided and is fixed to the floor for safety reasons. Here is the result!

Digital Signage products: why choose Fida Srl

For 25 years we have been producing Indoor Totems with or without touch screen technology. Our strong point? Always be in tune with the customer’s needs. And we know how to do it because customizing solutions is in our DNA. If you need a totem or MUPI for your shopping mall, contact us for a quote.

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