Outdoor digital totems for tourism applications: how to stimulate tourism and improve services

Index: Outdoor digital totems for tourism applications: how to stimulate tourism and improve services

According to ISTAT data in Italy the tourism sector has gone from 753 million travelers in 2000 to 1 billion and 400 million in 2019. According to these figures, the sector would have grown almost 50 times in 20 years: a trend that has no equal in no other economic sector. Tourism is therefore a rapidly expanding sector, despite the collapse due to the explosion of the pandemic. After two years of restrictions, tourism businesses are returning to work at full capacity, also in synergy with public bodies which in recent years have played a leading role in the revitalization and redevelopment of the territories.

With the development of digital tools and the explosion of social networks, but even more so following Covid-19, tourism has changed. Travelers today are highly digitized, and use different platforms to discover destinations, organize stays, carry out check-in activities, manage reservations, buy packages. Many tourist experiences hybridize digital and social tools with common guided tours inside historic villages or museums, while some B & Bs are now entirely managed remotely thanks to touch technologies and automated systems. The itineraries are indicated on digital maps that can be downloaded via QR Code and many info-points have been entirely replaced by multifunction Apps,

The Outdoor digital totems for tourism: why they are important

In this context, Outdoor digital totems play an absolutely central role: in addition to purely commercial purposes, they are useful for providing tourist information, viewing and downloading documents and interactive maps, booking and printing tickets or services. Some templates, called Wayfinding, are designed to help travelers find their way around and locate points of interest quickly and easily.

The Oudoor digital totems are fundamental because they play a role of territorial information control, and centralize various services with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and optimization of resources. Not surprisingly, Outdoor Totems have gradually become more and more frequent near historic buildings, famous squares, ancient villages, archaeological excavations, ecomuseums or open-air museums.

Advantages of using outdoor digital totems for tourist applications

The use of Outdoor Totems for tourism has many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • The Outdoor Totems can be configured in a potentially infinite number of languages. This represents a considerable advantage from the point of view of tourist reception compared to a common Front Office.
  • They communicate multimedia information with extreme simplicity, and thus perfectly perform the function of a reception and info-point. They enhance the territory by allowing tourists to know the various attractions and their location in an intuitive and user-friendly way.
  • They allow you to communicate with users and tourists by receiving comments, suggestions and opinions. Some models allow you to acquire email addresses for subsequent contacts, creating a large and updated database of contacts.
  • They allow the reduction of the costs of reception staff and remain in operation for 24 hours a day. They improve communication and provide information on food and wine routes, shopping circuits, nature and historical routes, as well as bus and train timetables for travel, the opening hours of museums, shops, public offices and points of interest.
  • They are very versatile devices: they can convey information, deepen specific topics, perform document searches, consult archives and maps, browse catalogs and provide services.

Outdoor solutions by Fida srl for tourism

We at Fida srl ​​have been producing outdoor Totems and monitors for over 25 years. Our product lines are essentially two: EKS Full Outdoor Digital Totem of the Exentia Line, designed to work effectively even with direct sunlight, and WKO of the Wave Outdoor line (no direct sunlight), that is designed to work in open places, but indoors, away from direct sunlight.

Exentia EKS Full-Outdoor is the ideal totem for Digital Signage applications. Created to meet the requirements of use in open places, it is visible even in direct sunlight on the screen and has the most recent and sophisticated technology that guarantees the liquid crystal maximum functional performance even in high temperature conditions (up to + 50 ° C), typical of southern exposure.

Available with IP55 protection, without an internal air conditioner (HB Version) and IP65, with an air conditioner (HBC Version), Exentia EKS is available in 46 ″ and 55 ”sizes, single or double sided. The 4 + 4 mm anti-vandal front glass with IR filter, 4G connectivity and a sophisticated diagnostic system make it particularly suitable for installation in historical-cultural settlements, in urban centers or in tourist places of sea and mountains, where the information must always be guaranteed, be it informative, interactive or advertising. The device guarantees high performance and low consumption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wave WKO  is a multimedia totem with 24/7 operation, especially suitable for environments such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, tourist areas and other environments that require protection against rain, dust and vandalism.

The aluminum structure avoids the formation of rust and limits the weight of the totem. WKO is available in both single-sided and double-sided versions, with or without touchscreen, and is equipped with the DVP diagnostic system designed entirely by FIDA, capable of collecting all diagnostic data through the standard SNMP protocol.

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