Line: Signum
Product: SMS
Product type: LCD Monitor
Environment: Outdoor

The Signum SMS monitors operate in the harshest outdoor areas, such as railway platforms, bus stations or any other environment subjected by sun exposure and temperatures up to 35°. Thanks to Fida’s proprietary cooling technology and sealing system, the SMS monitor can be installed under direct sunlight, rain, snow, in the presence of salt, dust, or pollution and is designed
for 24/7 operation. The high-brightness 1500 nit LED backlight Full-HD LCD display panel is visible even under the brightest sunlight. The enclosure is made entirely of aluminum, immune to electromagnetic interference, and especially known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, while the front door is made of laminated 4 + 3 mm shatterproof glass. The Signum Full-Outdoor
Monitors are available in different sizes, from 24” to 46”, with portrait and landscape screen orientation.

Technical Data

Display Size (inch): Portrait 32″ – 43″ – 46″ – 55″ – 65” / Landscape 24″ – 32″ – 37″S – 43″ – 46″
Display Brightness: 1500nit
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +35°C
Environment rating: IP55/IP65 water/dust proof


Aluminium metal case

24/7 usage

 Advanced diagnostic system 

Easy access for maintenance

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