Nice to meet you


Working in Fida means to become a part of a young and dynamic reality
that operates enthusiastically in the field of digital communications,
software, advertising sales, video services and digital signage.
We are looking for  professional figures with a wide
range of skills, ready to face the challenges of the market which is
always more complex and competitive. For this reason Fida invests
in the growth of their employees, with the objective to add value
and potential to our technical and manager level staff.

We are looking for bright and ambitious people, whether they are in the beginning of their professional career, or with specific know-how derived from their academic and professional background, who have an open mind and a desire to learn and grow.

We offer a career of great interest, that is dynamic, exciting and constantly evolving, the ideal environment to develop your talent, cultivate a passion for innovation and technology and experience first hand the changes created by new forms of communication. Our opportunities are based on meritocracy and equal opportunities.



If you would like to be part of the Fida team, please fill out
the following form or contact us at fida@fida.it. Even if there are no current
positions available, spontaneous candidacy will be evaluated and you will be
contacted as soon as possible.

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