Robust and reliable

Designed to withstand even in particularly difficult environments, thanks to the anti-corrosive aluminum chassis and laminated tempered glass that protects your device from vandalism and facilitates cleaning the display.

Advanced diagnostics

An intuitive monitoring software enables effective management of the display to a speedy resolution of anomalies.

Easy maintenance

The Signum range design provides the customer with the greatest of ease in the maintenance of the equipment. A convenient frontal opening allows immediate access to all components during any maintenance.

Information H24


Signum Fida’s  product line dedicated to information for passengers. The Signum monitors are perfect for applications in busy environments. The use of our incorporated diagnostic board, fully developed by FIDA and the use of the latest generation LCD panels with LED edge allows the Signum to be installed in the most extreme conditions.

signum smo monitor semi outdoor




LCD-TFT semi-outdoor monitor for outdoor applications.  IP55 protection grade. Operating temperature from -30° +40°. Advanced diagnostic system.  Compact design. Wide range of accessories for wall and ceiling mounting and Shock absorber for easy maintenance. Available in different sizes, from 24″ to 65″, landscape and portrait.

SIGNUM SMO Dimensions Tab2
signum sms monitor full outdoor




SMS monitors have extremely reliable 46″, 49″ and 55” high brightness 2500 nits LCD for applications in Full Outdoor environments with direct sunlight.  IP55 Sunlight protection.  With operating temperature -30° to +40°.  Frontal opening door with double protection for easy maintenance and cleaning.

SIGNUM SMS Dimensions Tab2
signum sko totem semi outdoor


Digital Totem


Informative LCD-TFT totem with anti-vandal protection for semi-outdoor use in railways or airports.  IP55 Sunlight protection for operational temperatures of -30° +40°.  Structure in robust stainless steel, customizable in colors and finishes.  24/7 Use guaranteed. Available in 55″ and 65″ portrait mode. Touch screen optional with choice of many other options.

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