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Outdoor monitor with partial sun exposure

  • Total protection from water and iron dust
  • Protection against vandalism
  • High brightness, 1500 nits
  • Various mounting solutions available



For a better public transport experience

SMS displays show real-time schedules and animations. Integration is quick and easy because it uses standard protocols. Designed to operate 24 hours a day without interruption, SMS monitors are carefully customized to meet the customer’s needs, with a long list of possible options, such as camera, shock sensor, door sensor, proximity sensor, text-to-speech or audio system. SMS must pass numerous tests and final inspections before it is shipped to its destination.

Operation in all weather conditions

SMS is a PID created to meet all the requirements for outdoor use in adverse weather conditions. The brightness of 1,500 nits ensures visibility even in direct sunlight and thanks to the latest and most sophisticated technology guarantees maximum performance even in high temperature conditions, up to +40°C (50°C in shaded conditions)

Resistant to environments with the presence of iron dust

SMS are ultra-rugged professional monitors that provide real-time public service information at airports, bus stations or railways. The enclosure is made entirely of extruded aluminium, immune to electromagnetic disturbances and extremely resistant to corrosion, water and iron dust, according to the IP55 and IP65 protection standards

Sensor with automatic brightness adjustment

It allows you to adjust the brightness of the LCD display according to the ambient light conditions, optimizing day and night visibility to ensure the best visual effect. It contributes substantially to increasing the life of the display, reducing energy consumption and related running costs

Front protection with vandal-resistant glass

Designed to protect the LCD display from shocks and vandalism in outdoor environments. The front glass has a thickness of 4+3 mm and a special treatment to withstand impacts of 20 joules, generated by a weight of 5 kg with a drop of 40 cm. Degree of protection IK10

Excellent visibility with anti-glare glass

Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, the glass is able to minimize the reflection of light that compromises the sharpness and visibility of the contents. It is standard on our outdoor products and is very useful in public information installations

Outdoor interactivity thanks to PCAP touch screens

PCAP touch screens have a number of advantages that make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The main ones are the resistance to vandalism, as they are positioned on the back of the glass, the high sensitivity to touch controls, the optical clarity, the multi-touch capability and the use with latex gloves.

24/7/365 non-stop operation

We provide a wide range of professional products with industrial manufacturing processes for 24/7/365 operation. ideal for airports, train stations, Digital OOH advertising networks, and all environments where it is critical to display and secure information clearly and reliably, without interruption.
EKS non stop operation

Sleek and elegant design

We have over 50 years of experience in the use of industrial technologies and processes for metalworking and finishing. Mechanical structures made without visible screws and with aluminum extrusions to ensure lightness, resistance, anti-corrosion and above all a 100% recyclable material, therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Integrations & Customizations

SVS displays are designed to integrate compact PCs and other network devices. In custom projects we are often able to integrate special devices that require advanced technical skills with very short design and delivery times

Front opening with easy access

All our products are made with front access to be able to carry out cleaning and maintenance activities quickly and easily. For outdoor products we use a double front door that allows the display to be quickly replaced and cleaned.

Octoplus – Cloud-based diagnostic system

Our DVP diagnostic board can monitor and manage diagnostic data from electronic devices and analog or digital sensors, receive data from optical detector that can report if the display is stuck on a still image, humidity sensor, HVAC functions, temperature, ventilation, outdoor light sensors, and many other customized functions.

Customization Capabilities

Our products and services are managed according to the ISO 9001 quality regime. Our goal is to follow and advise the customer in the creation of customized products, both for interiors and exteriors, taking care of all the phases and elements of mechanical and electronic design, including any certifications.

Available Options

To make your designs unique, we provide a wide range of options that can help you customize your product to meet your specific needs


Not Available

On Project

Combining multiple options may require to make a product with a different design

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