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A full range of LCD and LED displays for timetables, platform indicators suitable for any environment and applications.
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bullet_point_green SOLUTIONS

Thanks to Fida software solutions, each device can easily be integrated into an information management system for passengers.
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bullet_point_green CUSTOM PROJECTS

Our complete know-how enables Fida to manufacture display monitors with an outstanding design integrated with the latest technology.
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One for every environment


LCD’s, LED displays, monitors, totem, timetables, or
platform indicators, all needs are covered for passenger
information needs.

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Monitor e totem
Excellent performance for harsh and extreme environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, rain, snow or in the presence of salt, dust or pollution.
fida products semioutdoor
Monitor e totem
Particularly indicated for installations where the displays will be outdoor so in need of protection against atmospheric conditions, but without direct sunlight on the screen.

Discover our lines

  • FIDA Signum SMO
    Monitor Semi Outdoor - Signum SMO
  • FIDA Signum SMS
    Monitor Full Outdoor - Signum SMS
  • FIDA Flux FMS
    LED Monitor Full Outdoor - Flux FMS
  • LED Board Semi Outdoor - Kron KTI
  • LED Board Semi Outdoor - Kron KFI
  • LED Board Full Outdoor - Flux FCS
  • FIDA Flux FBS
    LED Board Full Outdoor - Flux FBS
  • Digital Totem Semi Outdoor - Motus MKO

Fida’s range of products


Made with high quality and reliable electronic
components strictly Made in Italy.
Fida’s displays can be used in all transportation
environment such as railways, airports,
metro and bus stations.

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Our complete offer


The know-how developed over ten years of
innovative projects, now allows us to offer our
services as:

– Project system integrator
– Manufacturer of professional displays (made in Italy)

Fida System Integrator Process ENG 01 01



FIDA’s solutions for information and passenger displays
integrate the latest technology using LCD TFT and lED SMD
technology with personalized software that is integrated
with all management systems and interactive technology.

Custom Services


Thanks to our consolidated and profound competence we are
able to develop and design products based on the latest LCD and
LED technology able to satisfy even the most complex requests.