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Communication is greatly changing in all aspects of life, in fact digital signage is becoming a more and more common thing.  This technology is in full swing, it is constantly evolving and growing at rapid rates. Fida, a production company that since 2002 produces digital video equipment, is strongly interested in building a strong partnership relationship with concrete and stable companies that believe as we do in the digital world and are willing to develop a market for their area of expertise. Our customers are specialists in the field of professional audio-video solutions, software companies dealing with applications for digital signage, hardware vendors, consulting companies, communication agencies, architects dealing with concept stores , advertising agencies, designers, companies that provide turnkey solutions and, in general, all companies operating in the field of communication.

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Being a Fida partner means giving life to a project of sharing business values
and common objectives, which is the motor that helps our common
ambitions grow. Spreading the “Made in Italy” unique products, in which
innovation, technology, aesthetics and functionality become one. For more information
please fill out the following form or write us at partner@fida.it