Monitoring System


The TLed illumination system is controlled by a sophisticated diagnostic
apparatus capable of sending information via internet through SMNP
protocol to one or more remote locations.

Monitoring fida SmarT Driver

By using the function of certain commands, it is possible to control the ON and OFF function of each lamp and regulate the brightness either automatically through external light sensors, or through a programmed scheduling in relation to the days of the week or effective presence of travelers on the platform.

The diagnostic system includes an operation software endowed with a very intuitive graphic dashboard that allows:

Switch the LED ON and OFF
Command the reduction of the luminous flux and then the power levels
Remote monitoring of temperature and real-time consumption
Monitor the efficiency of the lamp and power supply circuit
Diagnoses the end of the LED life cycle
Manage the protection of the LED in case of overheating

Managment System


The system dedicated to the automatic and centralized management
of the lighting system is composed of a Supervision Software installed on a
Windows PC that communicates in specific cases with different devices
of the illumination/signaling devices through BUS communication
Powerline (PLC carried waves) using a AC220V power supply of the lamps.

Tled system arc min
The management system is run on a desktop app for O.S. Windows 64bit using C# and .Net Framework 4.5.

The application uses a standard relational DB, Microsoft SQL server, to configure and run the lamps map and communication systems and collect diagnostic data of the lamps.

The system automatically does the following:

Memorization of the system events log with the diagnostic operations
detail, alarms, perturbations, commands, scheduling, etc.
Acquisition of diagnostic and operative parameters of the lamp
Alarm generation in case of technical fault of the lamps
Activation of application functions of Starting/turning off/programmed regulation
for the lamps Zone

Monitoring interfaccia

Application Functions

Thanks to the versatility of the application software, the system can be easily integrated
in already existent automation systems.

In this case, the communication with external systems is realized through connections
to standard-type ports such as Lan Ethernet (socket IP) and serial ports

It is possible to implement standard communication protocols for
special requests.

Icon and Graphic interface with zone maps;
Ability administrator system with password;
Configuration Zone and bridge NC;
Configuration Lamps/Box lights;
Preparation of application procedures for lamps zone-time frames;
Sending commands to Lamp (starting/turning off/dimming);
Control panel of diagnostic “real time” state of the Lamps;
History of starting and alarm events listed in Database;
System of diagnostic supervision/sending alarms to external systems (optional);