The Flux products are based on the latest SMD LED technology that provides high brightness and perfect visibility even at close range with an amazing viewing angle.

Advanced diagnostics

Our sophisticated diagnostic system is able to monitor the data coming from electronic cards, PC, temperature sensors, humidity, ventilation and external brightness.

Reduced consumption

Thanks to the unique properties of the SMD technology, LED systems designed by Fida provide an efficient heat dissipation to achieve high performance with reduced electrical consumption.

Savings & Brilliance


Flux is Fida’s products line dedicated to information for passengers, to provide real-time information on arrivals and departures, in contexts such as railway stations, airports, subways or bus stations. Thanks to the aluminum cabinet, apparatuses combine lightness and strength; integration of industrial technology components allows their continuous operation 24/7.

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LED Board


Platform display with LED SMD ultra bright technology, 5000 nits, for perfect readability even from far distances. Low energy consumption, resistant to dust, water and sunlight readable even with direct sun. IP55 Protection grade for environmental temperatures ranging from -20° to +40°.  Available with 3 rows with or without analogic clock.

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LED Board


Arrival and departure timetable, for semi-outdoor use and LED SMD technology for arrival and departure information.  Resistant to atmospheric agents, with IP32 protection. For use in environmental temperature range from -20° to +40°.  The use of LED SMD technology allows you to reduce consumption costs, while prolonging the life of the product to 100.000 hours. Available in 10/20 rows.

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LED Board


Arrival and departures board with LED SMD technology for semi-outdoor use, for passenger information.  Subdivided in two modules, one for the header and the other for general information.  Available in 5 and 10 rows with IP32 protection grade.  Operating temperature range from -20° to +40°.  LED SMD technology betters the quality of the images and readability guaranteeing maximum visibility even from a distance, and also guarantees energy saving.

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LED SMD matrix monitor for semi-outdoor use protected from atmospheric agents for use outdoors.  IP55 protection grade with operational temperature of -20° +40°.  Available in 3 versions: 6, 10, or 20 rows.  Maximum visibility and low power consumption thanks to the use of the latest LED SMD technology that guarantees a total life of 100.000 hours.

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