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to not go unnoticed

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of information



Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Jonathan Swift



Visual emotions

For FIDA, the concept of visual emotions is to express the ongoing effort to organize, concentrate and display images and emotions, generating a symbiotic relationship between the contained information.

Our products – whether displays, urban furnishings or advertising units – are all based on the most modern technologies and developed in cooperation with the top companies in the field. We push the limits of innovation, in the search for that rare blend of simplicity, beauty and function. Visual sensations that are exalted by cutting-edge products and the latest generation technologies to achieve an unparalleled experience.

Fida Digital signage

There’s a new way of being seen. The world of communication and the way of coming into contact with one’s customers is changing. Internet, social network, smartphone have accustomed us to have detailed information, at the moment we need it.

Digital signage was born literally for this purpose: we can think of it as the multi-media evolution of traditional bill sticking, and moreover the possibility to manage the contents transmitted in a dynamic way. The right communication at the right time and place


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