• A Line of professional anti-vandal totems in large formats ideal for shopping centers, airports, train stations, or wherever your communication needs to be seen.


  • Tough yet stylish. The Exentia line has been tried and tested with over 2000 instalations in the harshest environments. This is FIDA’s answer to your clients if they are looking for a strong outdoor solution with a wide range of colors and finishes.


  • Thile: a play of words for thin and style. All frontal glass, media player, audio and impeccable Italian style all contained in just 5 cm. The Thile will camouflage itself perfectly in any atmosphere, but its chic and modern lines will not be overlooked.


  • Line of professional totems and monitors that are vandal proof and perfect for outdoor use with direct sunlight. Robust structure, fully customizable in colors and finishes, with a wide range of formats and configurations.


  • The Signum Line keeps everyone informed, Signum equals reliability and continuous operation with maintenance free usage under all weather conditions. Can be integrated with any messaging system and also available in stretched mode.


  • No limits to creativity and customer needs. Our skills and know-how allow us to meet any custom design requests to communicate your brand identity.


  • Robust structure, reliable, with special attention to design and details. Displays of various formats, with integrated touch screen to communicate your message where you need it .


Visual emotions

For FIDA, the concept of visual emotions is to express the ongoing effort to organize, concentrate and display images and emotions, generating a symbiotic relationship between the contained information.
Our products – whether displays, urban furnishings or advertising units - are all based on the most modern technologies and developed in cooperation with the top companies in the field. We push the limits of innovation, in the search for that rare blend of simplicity, beauty and function. Visual sensations that are exalted by cutting – edge products and the latest generation technologies to achieve an unparalleled experience.

Digital signage

There’s a new way of being seen.
The world of communication and the way of coming into contact with one’s customers is changing.
Internet, social network, smartphone have accustomed us to have detailed information, at the moment we need it.
Digital signage was born literally for this purpose: we can think of it as the multi-media evolution of traditional bill sticking, and moreover the possibility to manage the contents transmitted in a dynamic way.


Fida Exentia Touch

Exclusive and unique designed Totems and Kiosks suitable for prestigious locations, also available in double sided configurations. All frontal anti-glare glass and frontal compass opening. Elegance and durability without compromise.

>>Thile totem


Fida Monitor Semi-Outdoor

A line of professional anti-vandal Totems and Monitors for use in open spaces without direct sunlight.  Robust structure, customizable in colors and finishes available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

>>Exentia totem
>>Signum monitor
>>Monitor stretched


Fida Totem Full-Outdoor

A line of professional anti-vandal Totems and Monitors for use in open spaces with direct sunlight. Robust structure, customizable in colors and finishes available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

>>Exentia totem 
>>Signum monitor


Ultra thin Monitor with an exclusive design, all frontal glass, no cables in sight and integrated industrial PC within the structure and perfect adherence to the wall. Frontal opening system and anti-theft installation fastening brackets.

>>MediaChrome Monitor
>>Thile Monitor


Fida Signum Semi-Outdoor

Indicated for the transmission of public information, designed to operate 24/7 in harsh conditions even in the presence of iron dust. Integrate with any messaging system, available also in stretch mode.

>>Exentia monitor
>>Monitor stretched
>>Public Information Display PID


A wide range of totems, monitors, kiosks, and multi-touch tables in various sizes and configurations, to provide interactive solutions without borders for full-outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor applications.

>>Exentia totem IP65S full-outdoor
>>Exentia totem IP55S full-outdoor
>>Exentia totem semi-outdoor
>>Thile totem indoor
>>Thile monitor indoor
>>Signum monitor full-outdoor


Fida Custom Italo

No limits to creativity and customer needs. Our skills and knowledge of materials and the use of modern processing technologies, allows us to deal with any digital signage solution and custom design.

>>NTV Italo
>> GrandiStazioni


An absolutely innovative tool that attracts consumers into the store because of the quality of the display and its design. Videos, animations and images can be viewed with the utmost flexibility and simplicity. Stand with wheels for easy transport and anti-theft blocking system.
>>MediaChrome Monitor
>>Public Information Display PID


Fida Chiamaci

Did not find what you were looking for? Call us at +39 039 878733 to speak with one our product specialist that will be able to meet your needs. >> Learn More


Fida Project management

We have the skills to follow your project from start to finish, from the editorial planning to the installation and management of your content.  >> Learn More


Fida Custom Design

We are able to design video devices and custom shapes and size to meet your various needs in terms of technology, safety and reliability in a short amount of time. >> Learn More

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