bullet_point_blue PRODUCTS

We have developed 5 different product lines that perfectly combine style, functionality and are able the withstand environment.
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bullet_point_blue SOLUTIONS

Integrated solutions realized with the “turnkey” formula to satisfy the most diverse requirements of communication and the needs of each market.
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bullet_point_blue CUSTOM PROJECTS

We design and manufacture personalized displays for stand-alone installations or for complex digital signage networks.
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One for every environment


A wide range of models and versions of monitors, totems,
in portrait and landscape mode, in large formats and for use
indoor and outdoor, both in standardized or custom versions.

Monitor e totem
Designed to offer maximum performance in environmental conditions outdoor: under direct sunlight, rain, snow, and even in the presence of salt, dust, and pollution.
Monitor e totem
Displays suitable for installations where the units will be installed outdoors but without direct sunlight hitting the screen directly.
Monitor, totem e chioschi
Indoor screen are ideal for digital signage solutions in commercial spaces such as shopping malls, supermarkets, concept stores, banks, museums, hotels, and universities.

Discover our lines

  • Window Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MHW
  • Wayfinding Kiosk Indoor - Tactive TWI
  • Trolley Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MGO
  • SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TSI
  • SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKP
  • SelfKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKC
  • Monitor Semi Outdoor - Wave WMO
  • Monitor Indoor - Thile THM
  • Monitor Indoor - Mediachrome MHM
  • Monitor Full Outdoor - Wave WMS
  • InfoKiosk Indoor - Tactive TKI
  • Digital Totem Semi Outdoor - Exentia EKO
  • Digital Totem Full Outdoor - Exentia EKS
  • Digital Totem - Thile THK
  • Digital Advertising Totem Full Outdoor - Exentia EFS

Fida’s range of products


Solid, impenetrable monitors and totems for outdoor, to elegant displays
and kiosks for indoor. Each Fida product is always equipped with the
most up to date technology in regards to components, control management
using only primary brands.


Our Complete offer


The know-how developed over ten years of
innovative projects, now allows us to offer our
services as:

– Project system integrator
– Manufacturer of professional displays (made in Italy)

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Our deep collective know-how thanks to the many years of
facing challenges in creating new and creative solutions for
digital signage give us the maximum expertise in suggesting
the best hardware and software solutions that compliment our
turn-key solutions.

Custom Services


Our products are created, developed and designed completely
in Italy by a specialized team. We are able to develop
digital signage solutions according to client specifications
quickly with maximum reliability.

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